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Sabishisa's Fiction
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Date:2006-07-10 16:35
Subject:Closing down!!! Please read!!
Mood: working

Please read!! Deleting this journal in one week!!

Ok, I've finally gotten off my butt and decided on what I'm going to do with this whole fic/journal/site/re-writing thing. I'm going to delete this journal completely and move all my fics over to my personal journal (kyo_ai). To keep from spamming other people's friends pages, I'm going to backdate them all. I will be adding them to favorites in the same manner that I've been adding them here.

So, if you are interested in continuing to read my fics, or accessing the older ones (yes, including DML XD), add kyo_ai. I will be making my personal journal friends only so you won't be able to read anything unless you add.

Also, please note that all Musai fics will be moved to the_musai instead, as they belong there more than anywhere else.

I will leave this journal open for one week to give everyone time to switch over and whatever else they want to do. After that (on July 17th), I will delete this account for good.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me through this and will continue to stick with me ^_^

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Date:2006-04-04 05:47
Mood: thoughtful

In what is probably going to be thought a brash decision, I have decided to remove all my original works from this fic journal. I did not give anyone a chance to save them because I do not want them saved as they are. I know I am capable of doing a million times better than what is here and I just cannot stand to have them out like this any longer. This is not a spur of the moment decision. I have been considering this for quite sometime. I will be leaving all of my old fanfics and Musai writings up. One or two of the lesser used original works may also remain here. You will have to view the memories to find what has been left.

Now, this isn't to say that I will never again post my original work here. I just need to re-do it. All. So do not give up on me, please, or Devil May Love. Jullien and Gaibriel are not dead characters and they have a story that simply MUST be told. But it must be told better than what it has been.

I request that if anyone has saved my work that you please either delete it or do not share it with ANYONE else. Absolutely no redistributing of any works that I have removed from this archive.

If some of you decide to un-friend this journal, I will understand and be sad to see you go. For those of you that stick around, thank you for your understanding and patience. Yes, I am still working on the website for my written work. Once that is complete, I very well may completely delete this journal all together. If there is anyone out there who wishes to be added to a list of people for me to notify about updates with the site and my fictional works in general, please either email me at kyosgothiclolita@hotmail.com or reply here with your email address.

I'd like to thank all the people that replied and read one last time. I'm not gone, just changing ^_^ I welcome your opnions and thoughts about this as well.

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Date:2005-01-24 16:52
Subject:Story Descriptions, Icon Guide and other general things you might want to know
Mood: working

First of all, this is my (me being Sabishisa) fic archive. Any of my works may contain adult themes such as sex, alternate sexualities, fetishes, graphic descriptions of any of those things, coarse language, violence, and possibly distrubing themes. Each work I post will have clear warnings before hand of the things you may run into while reading. If you are not mature enough, please do not read. If you stumble across something that offends you, please do not flame or bash me. (However, genuine criticism and comments are more than welcomed.) So please understand that I hold no responsibility for anything you may find offensive or disturbing. If you can agree to take responsibility for your own choices, then please continue ^_^

This journal is friends only. If you'd like to read the fics archived here, add this journal to your friends list and I'll add you back. To be added faster, post a comment to this post after you have added me.

I keep every piece here archived and sorted in the memories section. To navigate, go to my memories and be sure to sort by description. This is not selected by default so you will have to change it. Sorting by description will ensure you can view everything in the order it was meant to go.

Which brings me to how I arrange everything. All subjects having to do with fics will looks something like this...

"DML: 2.04 - Jullien and Gaibriel's First Kiss"

What this means is quite simple. DML is an abbreviation of Devil May Love, the title of one of my fics. 2.04 means that it is chapter 2 part 4. Doing it this way ensures that when sorted by description in memories, it will arrange itself in order. The text after it is just a short description of what that part is about. I know it seems like a lot, but it really does make things easier. If it's just me babbling, there won't be a story addreviation before it, just something like "Quick updates and new icons" or something like that.

Along with just the fics themseleves, I will also be posting things such as character profiles, dolls, and other miscellanous stuff about the fics. These are also archived in much the same way. If I post a character profile of Judy from DML, the subject will look like this:

"DML: Character Profile - Judy"

And when I post Jullien's profile, it would look exactly the same, except Jullien's name would be in place of Judy's. If I were to post a doll or other art concerning the sotry, it would look like this:

"DML: Art - Jullien kissing Gaibriel"

And in that post you'd get a doll or picture of exactly what it says. And when you go to memories, all of this will list itself in order, making things much simpler ^__^ Trust me, its really easy to get used to.


Moving on, as soon as I can afford to pay for an account, each fic will also have its own icon. So here, I'm going to post a small description of each fic currently archived here and the icons that correspond with them.

Devil May Love (DML)
Icon by me, art by P.L. Nunn
This is the fic you will probably see updated the most. I have the most written on it and it is my favorite one so far. The story is about Jullien, a flamboyant young man who just can't seem to figure out what to do with his life and Gaibriel, an abused senior in high school who feels trapped in his secluded world. A chance meeting sets them down a path neither would ever have guessed, putting them through love, freedom, jealousy, and pain.
Warnings: homosexuality, semi-graphic sex, violence, child abuse, language (strong R rating)

Doll (D)
Icon N/A at the moment... coming soon, I hope.
This one is pretty much complete... well, not complete, but I dont really think I'll ever write much more on it. Its short and to the point. I always hope to write more on it, but for now this is all there is. Doll is a prostitute, and has been one for a while. Convinced he's nothing more than a toy, he lets his customers play with him. I can't say much more without giving it all away. ^^; Probably my most popular fic I've ever written.
Warnings: homosexuality, prostitution, graphic sex, slight language (NC-17 rating)

Glitter and Poison (GP)
Icon by me
Brighton, a young married aspiring author goes to the new club down the street, unknowingly walking into the new gay bar. After shattering a few sterotypes, he begins to make friends. Some of them are true... some of them will shatter his life.
Warnings: homosexuality, graphic sex, language, crime themes, drug use (NC-17 rating)

Carp Among the Sakura (CAS)
Icon by me
This one is nowhere near being done... and won't be worked on for quite some time. But I LOVE the idea so much and hope to have enough research to work on it soon. Back in ancient Japan, when homosexuality was just starting to become taboo, prostitutes were having to change their ways to continue making a living. One such prostitute got the idea to dress up like a woman, so as not to shame his customers but still offer them the pleasure they want. He becomes extremely popular and soon is taking away attention from yujo's and even the untouchable geisha (who were not prostitues, mind you). The geisha take him in and train him to be one of them and as his popularity grows, so does his horizons. He finds himself the object of the very Emporer's affections, living at the castle and forced to hide his gender at all times. The jealous ladies of the court treat him horribly and threaten the very secret that could bury the entire palace in shame.
Warnings: homosexuality, prostituion, semi-graphic sex, cross-dressing (strong R rating)

Ether Culture (EC)
Icon by me
This fic used to be Darkling, I Listen... But I've since discarded that idea completely, messed around with the character Vivaldi and in just a few moments came up with a whole new idea that I like a million times better. I'm still working out all the kinks and coming up with an acceptable description. I will post it here as soon as I get it worked out.
Warnings: homosexuality, probably more once I get everything worked out (Rating pending)

Averse Prophet (AP)
Icon by me
Thierry, a young angel, falls in severe lust for the earth-bound demon Sorlis. Seeking guidance from an unresponsive God, he takes the first voluntary fall from Heaven, causing him to sleep for 100 years. When he awakens, he finds the world in shambles, and himself declared the new God that will begin the war with Heaven. ((Note: Due to the way this fic is being written, it will NOT be posted at Fiction Press. For more info, see the first post in memories.))
Warnings: homosexuality, possible controversial religious issues, violence, abuse of just about all types(Rating pending, most likely to be NC-17)

Eyeliner Labyrinth (EL)
Icon by me, image from the movie Everafter
Another one of my favorite ideas, but probably won't actually get worked on until I can research deep enough into it. A group of friends, taking a break before heading off to college and starting their lives, spend most of their time in the new club, Eyeliner Labyrinth. Its the newest hot spot for gay, gothic, and alternative lifestyle teens and adults. A night of chance involves them with the never-seen owner of Eyeliner Labyrinth and tho the event doesn't seem to change anything, that night seems to mark the beginning of huge life shattering events and changes. Believing the owner to be cause of the problem, Ruby, the only one who didn't get involved, takes a closer look at things. She discovers that somehow, her friend's wills and luck are being altered to re-inact the lives of ancient Norse gods. The only one not caught up in this whirl-wind, Ruby must figure out who is who and how to reverse it before the inevitable happens and her friends end up destroying each other.
Warnings: homosexuality, trans-gender, implied sex, violence, death, language (R rating)

Fanfiction (FF)
Icon by Boys Next Door
I don't write fanfiction much, but if it ever happens, this is the icon you will always see ^^ You can almost be guarenteed that any fanfic I write will be strictly yaoi and most likely PWP. The fanfics have a slightly different sorting system. For examle, if I write a Final Fantasy fic titled Rikku's Folly, it would look like this... "FF: Gundam Wing - Rikku's Folly" Just slightly different from the usual.

Jrock (Jrock)
Icon by neko_works
Decided to keep Jrock fanfics seperate from other fanfics just because there's quite a few of these. Again, most of them are yaoi and about half are plotless. I keep these archived this way: "Jrock: Band Name - Fic Title". Almost identical to the way I do fanfics.

Musai (Muses)
Icon by me
Ok, how to explain this... Uhh... I have six muses living in my head at all times ^__^; My g/f has one. They interact. A lot. Usually we just RP them back and forth but sometimes they cause fics, which I post here. If you're interested in learning about the Musai (our collective term for all of them) then, visit the Musai explanation. If you want to keep up with the current story and on-goings, you'll have to go to muse_hide to find the logs.

Author Notes, Random Prattle, misc fics
Icon by me
This misc icon ^_^ The icon I'll be using when I'm posting news or fics that have no real place. You'll also see this icon when I reply to comments and such. Please note that if I'm feeling lazy (which I often am) I may also reply to comments here using my actual account kyo_ai. Since I don't have the money to pay for an account yet, I'll have to use this icon in place of others that won't fit.


Well, that's about everything. You don't have to comment or anything but I really do appreciate it. All criticism and comments are welcome. Even if you hated it ^.~ Once again, everything is kept in order in memories. Be sure to sort by description when you go there so everything shows up in order.

Here's a few snippets from my fics for anyone who'd like a taste before jumping in.... None of the examples will contain anything worth warning about.

A snippet from Devil May LoveCollapse )

A snippet from a muse ficCollapse )

A snippet from a Chrono Cross fanficCollapse )

As one last note, please be sure to have this journal added when you comment asking for me to add you. It makes it a lot easier for me to keep up with who is reading and who has and has not been added. Thanks for stopping by!


One more thing... If you do any fan works from my fics (art, dolls, fanfics, icons, etc) please send them to me!! If you'd like, I would be honored to show them off here! Naturally, I do ask that give credit and link to me if you post them anywhere else.

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